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Platform: 3DS
Released: 06 Jun 2014
Age Rating: TBC
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If you make Mii characters of your favourite people surprising things can happen! In Tomodachi Life populate your very own island with the Mii characters of family friends or anyone else you can think of and give them their own unique personality!! All kinds of quirky unexpected things will happen on your island so check back every day to see what life throws at your residents... Hold the world in the palm of your hand with Tomodachi Life only on Nintendo 3DS 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS. Features: “Tomodachi” means “friend” in Japanese and “friends” are at the heart of this game. Make Miis of anyone you want scan them in via QR codes or import from your Mii Plaza. For the first time ever Mii characters behave based on the personality traits you select playing out the drama you set in motion. Watch as your Miis develop relationships and go about their lives on the island. Share experiences of your personal soap opera directly on Twitter Facebook and Tumblr via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service. The first game in the series was released for Nintendo DS only in Japan taking the country by storm back in 2009. The series has gone on to sell over 5.5 million copies in Japan to date. What can happen in your Tomodachi Life? You your friends and your favourite celebrities can live together in a bustling apartment block where you can drop by to check up on everyone and help solve their woes. Through helping and interacting with your Mii characters you can raise their happiness levels (or sometimes disappoint them...!). As you do so all sorts of wacky and wonderful things can happen to your island community. The plot of Tomodachi Life thickens with the addition of each character. As they deliver one gripping twist and turn after another you can reward them with gifts and clothes their favourite foods or special flourishes for their apartments. Together you can further broaden your Tomodachi Life horizons by expanding a wide variety of facilities


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