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Platform: PS3
Released: 03 Feb 2012
Age Rating: TBC
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The Last Guardian is the feverishly anticipated action adventure puzzle video game developed by Team Ico, their third in total after ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, and published exclusively for PlayStation 3 by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game revolves around the development of an emotional bond between boy and creature, friendship and trust, the quest for freedom and escape, as well as the use of teamwork and partnership to overcome various obstacles and puzzles in their mission. Players will control a young boy seemingly trapped in a formidable castle, who must befriend a gigantic dog-like AI-controlled creature resembling a griffon by the name of Trico who he can climb upon and ride. This friendship is absolutely crucial to gameplay as in order to escape, the boy must use Trico’s size, strength, and various other assets to help him navigate a variety of environmental puzzles, and avoid or defeat soldiers, guards, and enemies. In the beginning, Trico will be resistant towards the boy’s attempts to get him to help him, who will have to resort to baser methods of communication such as a pot containing an alluring scent to tempt Trico’s amicability, but as the game progresses the pair will develop a close, heartfelt bond that will deem these methods unnecessary. The Last Guardian’s architectural style closely resembles that of Team Ico’s previous games ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, showcasing vast temple ruins. In this respect, The Last Guardian is one hundred per cent visually stunning, with ground-breaking graphical beauty that is positively breathtaking. The environments you will be traversing through are bright and vibrant, from shiny green vines and leaves, to sunlight reflecting off stone. The attention to detail that has been paid to the creature Trico is incredible, perfectly capturing the rustling movement of each feather on his body. Expect to be completely taken aback by the beauty as you immerse yourself within this visually and graphically stunning world. The Last


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