Pokkén Tournament Wii U

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Platform: Wii U
Released: 18 Mar 2016
Age Rating: TBC
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Limited Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card included: tap the amiibo card to the Wii U Gamepad controller to unlock Shadow Mewtwo as a playable character!In Pokkén Tournament Pokémon appear more lifelike than ever before with amazing graphics and smooth fluid movements. You will love seeing and battling with your favorite Pokémon.Pokkén Tournament was developed with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. the producers of one of the top achievements in fighting games the Tekken series. True to its legacy this game brings tight gameplay and incredible control to never-before-seen battles between Pokémon. The gameplay is designed to be enjoyed by a wide range of people—even those who have never played a fighting game or an action game before can easily pick it up and play!


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