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Platform: Wii
Released: 26 Nov 2010
Age Rating: 7+
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In Epic Mickey for Nintendo Wii, a sorcerer named Yen Sid creates a beautiful, whimsically-twisted world where Disney�s forgotten and retired creations thrive. Originally, the powerful sorcerer from ''The Sorcerer�s Apprentice'' in Walt Disney�s 1940 film ''Fantasia'' was nicknamed ''Yen Sid'' by Disney animators, although never named as such on screen. In Spector�s game, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Walt Disney�s first cartoon star created in 1927 - becomes the earliest inhabitant of Yen Sid�s Cartoon Wasteland after Mickey Mouse is created. Oswald makes the Cartoon Wasteland comfortable for other retired characters as they join him in this magical land. Years pass, and as Oswald dwells in the Cartoon Wasteland, he becomes resentful watching Mickey�s popularity swell. When Mickey curiously stumbles upon Yen Sid�s map, he makes an innocent yet terrible mistake and inadvertently devastates Oswald�s comfortable world. Eventually, Mickey�s mistake pulls him deep into the mysterious Cartoon Wasteland to face the destruction he unknowingly created. Players use the Wii Remote in Epic Mickey for Wii to wield magical paint and thinner to re-shape the world around them. Paint�s creativity and thinner�s damaging effect give the player robust tools and empowers them to make choices about how they move through the world. Each player�s decisions to use paint, thinner or both dynamically changes the world with consequences that affect the environment, interactions with other characters, and even Mickey�s appearance and abilities.


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